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Inexpensive Tofu Bacon

A lot of tofu bacon recipes I’ve seen have marinades with expensive ingredients like agave nectar, maple syrup, liquid smoke, and vegan Worcestershire sauce. Well, those things aren’t really in my budget (plus liquid smoke might be carcinogenic) so I… Continue Reading →

Delicious Coconut Milk Alfredo Sauce

If you’ve been vegan for any time at all you know that most vegan dairy substitutes rely heavily on nuts. Cashew cheese, almond milk, etc. So, as a person with an aversion to nuts due to my brother’s severe allergy,… Continue Reading →

Simple Vegan “Twinkies”

*in the Hostess section of the grocery aisle* Me to my husband: “Oooooh, babe!” Him, helping me stay strong: “Keep it movin’.”   That scenario plays out every week without fail. I’ve been craving snack cakes for years. We never… Continue Reading →

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